Cover Song License
Licensed song
It’s Cold Outside
Author and licensor
Elezeta (a.k.a. Luis Quesada Torres)
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Permanent copy of the license
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This is a license that allows anyone to publish cover versions of the song described above with the
following limitations and conditions:
1. You can only publish the cover as a video in any platform or social network that does streaming.
a. You can monetize the video.
b. You cannot register the cover, assign it an ISRC, sell it, offer it for download, play it in live
concert, or offer it for music streaming without video.
c. The video can only contain the cover of this song, not other content such as more songs.
2. The visual content:
a. Can be footage of you singing, any other footage, a static image, animation, collage, etc.
as long as you own the rights to use it.
b. Cannot include violent, explicit, inappropriate, illegal content, nor the original album art.
3. The audio content:
a. Must contain most of the original lyrics of the song if the cover contains vocals.
b. Must contain most of the original melody if it is an instrumental cover.
c. May use the original backing track, provided below, or any backing track you create or
otherwise own the rights to use.
d. Cannot contain the original vocals track.
4. The title of the cover videos must include the following text:
Cover of “It’s Cold Outside” by Elezeta
5. The description of the cover videos must include the following text:
Original song by Elezeta. You can also cover this song, check 
6. You must share a link to your cover video with the licensor, send it to .
7. The author and licensor will not be liable for any damages related to the use of this license,
including direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages, to the maximum extent
the law permits, no matter what legal theory it is based on.
This zip file contains this license, the song lyrics and chords, the original song, and the original song
backing track, which you may use when recording the cover.
If you are interested in obtaining a less restricted license, contact me at .
Elezeta September 25, 2020